Boats (2012)

Boats 1

Boats 2

Boats 3

Boats 4

Boats 5

photo credit: Bryan Spencer

Boats 6

photo credit: Bryan Spencer


A commissioned work for the OtherFilm Festival 2012 - Siege Mentality. Premise for this work was to compliment and subjugate the existing interiors of the HMS Diamantina vessel (exhibition space). My piece took on the guise of being part of the tour: replicated the old framing of the existing photographs of military frigates with ones of recreational and illegal boats. Accompanying these was an old computer monitor acting as a simulation with a modified 'First Person Shooter' game engine depicting an illegal boat about to be boarded. The user is placed on an emplaced weapon in which the only interactive element is the user being able to shoot at the over-crowded fishing boat.